New Opportunity – AAA

They say blessings come your way when you least expect it.

Another door opened for me a few days ago and I was granted a position as an Assistant Director of Operations of a new non-profit organization that recognizes talent throughout the Albanian American community. I humbled that I am a part of such a major move.

Albanian Artists of America was founded by Katarina Berishaj and Valbona Dedvukaj in December 2017 with a goal of promoting Albanian Artists and talents that posses a rich and unique ability to create art, design, perform, produce, and write. The vision of this organization will soon become reality due to our supportive community and one of a kind talents. This organization will build a strong foundation for the future generations of gifted Albanian Americans to thrive.

This new opportunity was a blessing that I did not see coming and this new responsibility will might seem intimidating at first, but I love a challenge. Just about 20 years ago my parents left everything behind and brought us to a new home. The land of the free. One with endless opportunities. I promised myself that I would take that American Dream my parents sacrificed their own happiness for and make it the starting line of something greater. Our roots are in another land, but my siblings and I would plant a new family tree in this country. I want them to know that we did not and will not forget where we came from. On behalf of my family in Europe, my hometown, I will represent people with the same roots as my family being a part of this organization.

“Hope you can see me

I am living out my dreams

But I wish you were near me

What a nightmare it seems

I look at the crowd – all these unfamiliar faces

Can you see me from there?

Look- I made it!

All I hear is applause

But I listen for your cheer

Tell me you are proud

Since this was all for you, dear

You are my home

Where my roots belong”

All glory to God.

Denisa Axhami © 2017

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